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We are proud to offer you motorcycle adventure tours through miles of twisting roads through glorious mountain scenery on the reborn classic, the Royal Enfield Interceptor Twin. Our Thailand bike tours will satisfy your passion for riding and adventure and give you memories to treasure, along with a lot of laughs on the way. As the only company to offer these kinds of motorbike holidays on classic bikes, we guarantee you thrilling experiences on the road, as well as sights and cultural encounters few tourists get to see.

With its legacy going back to the early Twentieth Century, the name Royal Enfield survives. The original company gave the world its first superbike, the Constellation Twin, as well as the longest continually produced motorcycle, the Bullet. Despite links with other major names like Norton, Indian, and BSA, the historic Royal Enfield brand was very nearly lost.

Fortunately, production continued in India as the Bullet was the best choice for law enforcement there. Now, with twenty-first century design and engineering, the company produces a range of modern classics. Knowing Northern Thailand motorcycle routes as we do, we have selected a fleet of the 650cc Interceptor Twin as the ideal choice for you to prove your riding skills on these exhilarating mountain roads.

Having explored beyond the commonly traveled Northern Thailand motorcycle routes over the past ten years, we now offer up to nine day rides taking on 9870 differing curves at breathtaking altitudes. These roads have been dubbed the best riding roads in the world not just for the joy of negotiating them, but the mountainous jungle paradise they lead you through. A Chiang Mai motorcycle loop led by us will take you through numerous National Parks with spectacular views across valleys from peak to peak.

Our motorbike holidays, such as the Golden Triangle Loop, will let you meet Hill Tribe people and enjoy their genuine welcome and unique culture. The ethnic diversity of the region is evident in the architecture, and you will visit Buddhist shrines, temples, and monasteries in a range of styles often traditional, but some modern. At the meeting point of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar where opium formerly ruled, you will encounter a vibrant mix of cultures with exotic dishes, and traditional handicrafts (buyers beware, crossbows raise eyebrows at international airports). This is the kind of bike tour Asia adventurers dream of, we help you ride those dreams.

None of our Chiang Mai motorcycle tours is GPS guided, we are completely knowledge based and have local know how so we factor in climatic conditions and terrain to open up this wonderful region for you hitch-free. A backup service vehicle accompanies every tour and we have first aid personnel on hand at all times. Your safety is paramount. We can also get you to one of Thailand’s international quality hospitals in the unlikely event that you need it, and will recommend you reputable insurers against this.

These classic bikes excite attention and admiration with their retro charm. You will be thrilled by taking the most satisfying motorcycle tours Asia can offer on this rejuvenated modern classic. If your passion is fueled by petrol, as ours is, these tours on reborn vintage legends will more than satisfy it.

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Making memories with a group of like-minded individuals who share your interests and your passions is about the best money you’ll ever spend. Sure you can buy stuff, but what you’ll experience on our tours will linger in the memory long after the stuff has been useful.
Each group tour is unique, has it’s own moments, it’s own in-jokes, it’s own character and we love being a part of that and the more robust your sense of humour, the more fun you’ll have.
Get in touch now, let’s do this!

When should we ride?

Royal Enfield Tours

We tour every week, of every month of the year!!

We make it all about you, so send us an email of the dates you are considering.

If you are happy to join another group of similar experienced riders them simply tell us.

Although it seems the climate around the world is less consistent than ever, we have some basic information we can share that may help you choose possible tour dates.

High season/ dry season

October, November, December & January

The rainy season has usually subsided by October. Lush green rice paddy’s are in abundance and the ground is nice and damp with muddy sections just around the corner

December and January are cooler months especially on high ground in the evenings and early mornings

Very dry/hot season

February, March & April

This can be a hazy time in pockets of the region due to farmers burning the stubble from their rice fields.

But it’s also a great time to visit as mid April hosts the world famous Songkran water festival which really is a spectacle and an awesome fun 3 days.

Songkran is a celebration of the rains but is actually only showers with the odd storm until maybe July and August.

Rainy season

May, June, July, August & September

Whilst called the rainy season, it hardly ever rains all day and virtually never rains day in day out !!

Often the rains come late in the afternoon (4pm ish) for 10 minutes or an hour or two max.

However when it does rain it really does p p p p persistently comes down in buckets!

Tropical storms are great to watch but slightly less fun to ride in !! But within 30 minutes it’s cooler and dry again!!


May June and July are often great riding months however August can get very very wet and we don’t often recommend it but if it’s your only option then let’s do it.

September is quite unpredictable but again very unusual to have consecutive days of heavy rain.

Let us know the dates that fit with your schedule.

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