Our flagship program ‘The best of the best’

“The Big Big Golden Triangle West and East mega tour”

Over nine days you will test your stamina and riding skills along 2600 km of what have justly been dubbed the best riding roads in the world.

This route will blow you away!

We take you to the borders of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar, a remote region once ruled by opium warlords, and still steeped in mystery and the intrigue of fast-vanishing traditions. Then there is the mother of South East Asia’s rivers, the Mighty Mekhong.

We have pioneered trails along its banks so you can be charmed by its contrasts and challenged by its contours. The views across the Mighty Mekhong will stay with you forever, believe me!

Not only do our motorbike holidays provide the riding experience of your life, they also take you to unique destinations – Hill Tribe Villages, waterfalls, hot springs, and remote national borders.

With incredible torque, the charge to your senses our range of lovingly maintained Triumph Bonneville’s provide is an experience any passionate bike enthusiast will be thrilled by.

You will be genuinely awed by the forest and mountain vistas you will be riding through; Northern Thailand has the most scenic motorcycle tours Asia can offer – photo opportunities galore!

Following the Mighty Mekhong River, and traversing the Golden Triangle loop, you will see Thailand’s borders with Laos and Myanmar, once warred over by opium lords, and still home to seldom visited settlements rich in culture and tradition.

Charm & Charisma:
The Triumph Bonneville of yesteryear has been re-imagined and re-engineered to give you the performance you expect in the 21st century, while still having the retro charm its name suggests.

Fully detailed breakdown

Our Golden Triangle mega tour goes way beyond most Northern Thailand motorcycle routes and takes you to places that few have seen.

You will be energised by the renowned Route 1148 and the former guerilla trail Route 1155 and the majestic landscape they pass through. This is a once in a lifetime experience any motorbike enthusiast will appreciate, and the memories of it will live with you forever.

Our passion drives us to explore back roads and lesser known routes to open up more of this legendary regions wonders, and we are the only company offering these motorcycle adventure tours on modern classic bikes.

You will be able to prove your riding skill negotiating 9870 twists, bends, and curves at a stimulating range of gradients, confident in the knowledge that you have a backup service truck with you, and that your classic mount has been painstakingly maintained.

From our base in Chiang Mai you will head first to Tak, known for the Thi Lo waterfall among others, and the Maekasa Hot Springs. Then it’s on to Mae Sot and the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge. You will be traversing densely forested, mountainous scenery with splashes of colour from Golden Shower and Flame trees. Local temples nestle in valleys, or command cliffs and hill tops.

The next destination is Mae Sariang, an unspoiled, magical spot where you will feel the strong Burmese influence in the villages and architecture. The whole region is more ethnically diverse than most regions for a bike tour Asia has to offer.

This will become increasingly apparent as we reach the heart of the province, Mae Hong Son, and Wat Phratat Doi Kongmu, a Burmese style monastery with two exquisite white stupas.

Pai has become quite a tourist magnet for Thais and international travellers, and has its Walking Street market rich in handicrafts. However, its surrounding countryside is blessed with hot springs and waterfalls. A bathe in the Tha Pai Hot Springs is more than refreshing – it’s like you’ve been taken to pieces, washed in petrol, and reassembled with loving care.

There are six main groups of Hill Tribes, and all are represented in the population of Chiang Dao. On our motorcycle tours explorers can visit their traditional settlements and enjoy the genuine warmth of their welcome. There are also cave complexes to enchant you, subject to the wise permission of the local authorities (climatic conditions can limit access for sound safety reasons).

Our next stop is the city of Chiang Rai. A tranquil spot, despite its size, with the glittering Wat Rong Khun (White Temple), a modern reflection on sanctity; kitsch to some, enchanting to others, it is certainly spectacular.
You will experience a slice of Southern China in Mae Salong, a hilltop town founded by Republican China’s fleeing ‘lost army’.Then we’re off to Mae Sai, the major border crossing between Thailand and Myanmar, renowned for its markets and unique merchandise.

At the confluence of the mighty Mekhong and the Ruak River we reach the Golden Triangle. A region steeped in all the intrigue and mystery of the former opium trade. Here you can see three countries at once: Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos. The political volatility of the region is still to be felt, and here you can visit the refugee camp at Mae Ramat, home to 100 000 displaced people.

Following the Golden Triangle route, we find Chiang Saen, a must-see place for birdwatchers as its vast natural lake is a refuge for many migratory waders and waterfowl. It’s also a relaxing spot after a heady ride. And the aquatic side of our adventure continues in Chiang Khong, where anglers fish for the giant catfish.

Your Chiang Mai motorcycle loop continues to Nan, where the National Parks are protecting the wild boar and the black bear. Here, among trees with leaves the size of elephant ears, there are spectacular waterfalls begging you to catch their glory in a photograph – if you’re quick, you could capture a stunning rainbow effect the eyes don’t always notice.

The predominant colour at our next stop, Phrae, is blue, indigo blue. This is the heart of the indigo producing region, and it is rich in fabrics dyed with indigo. The Lanna style farmer’s shirt is a simple. elegant garment ideal as a practical souvenir. Here you can also be entranced by Phae Phi Muang, the Spirit Grove – a natural sandstone formation in the forest looking like a ruined city from a bygone age.

Our last destination before getting back to base is Denchai. At Wat Phra That Mongkon Kiri is an impressive Buddha footprint. A tranquil detour to the Mae Jua Reservoir is a possibility which will allow you to reflect on the spectacular trip you have just made.

We are confident this is the best classic bike tour Asia offers. We take you through numerous National Parks glorying in pristine rain forest scenery dominated by mountains like Doi Ang Khang and Doi Thung on modern classic bikes with retro character from which you will see and experience so much more than the passive tourist does from a coach window.

You will be able to experience remote, little known cultures, and spectacular natural features as you ride your dream.